Brotherly Love and Life {Studio Session}

Having two boys myself makes is especially fun to take photos of boys and see the sweet brotherly relationship. These little guys were no exception. And hey, guess what?! You wouldn’t know it (but I’ll tell you)… this session started out with mom and dad arriving only to realize their little guy had a blowout on the way over (and not the good hair kind) that resulted in poo on his cute pants and that the matching bowtie was left somewhere between their home and the studio. But, as always, we go with the flow! That’s just life!! So we wiped off the pants and went with it. A little poo doesn’t scare this lady away! And the missing bowtie, you would never know. Best part of the poopy pants?! Stripping down to a diaper and seeing some very amazing baby rolls! Thanks Weiss Family! It was a please as always to see you and your sweet family!