Happy 2019 & Thank You! (and some Cute Puppy Pics)

First of all, how is it ALREADY a month into 2019 and I am just finally remembering to post this?! I guess that’s what a new Fur Baby, the Holidays, Winter Break and the Polar Vortex does to a mom’s brain! But without further ado, her is one of my very favorite posts of the year! At the end of each year I take a peek back to each and every photo session I did and pick one image sticks out to me as my favorite from the session. It never ceases to make me smile, sometimes tear up and pretty much just remind me of how awesome my job is! So, THANK YOU ALL for an awesome 2018. Here it is!!! Can you find yourself?


And if you’ve made it this far, you also get to see MY new baby’s first photos. Here he is in all of his cute furry glory. Introducing the newest member of the Manning Family, Charlie.


He is 4 months old in these photos and is some sort of mix of lab and pitbull and maybe something else (we are just not sure). We adopted him from the Humane Society a couple days before Christmas and he has been an amazing and fun addition to our family. The boys love him dearly and he is my snuggle buddy and Jim tolerates him (actually Charlie is curled up in Jim’s lap as I type). He originally came to Minnesota from Mississippi so hasn’t been in love with the terrible winter weather we’ve been experiencing! I also realized he blinks a lot in photos which is adorable too.


I hope you’re all enjoying the winter and can’t wait to see you again soon!!