What should I/we wear for my photo session?

Clothing choices are an important part of your photo shoot. With babies, just a diaper with a cute accessory {unique diaper cover-up, hat or headband} can make for the best shots. With kids, for a more classic feel, stick with jeans and a button-down or dress. For a more fun and funky feel, bright colors, stripes or more “trendy” clothes are great. The best choices will always be the ones that truly reflect your child's personality and preferences, so make sure you stick with that. For family shoots, steer clear of wearing identical outfits. I always suggest to coordinate vs. match.
It is best to stay away from logos and text on clothing {with the exception of that Spiderman t-shirt your son wears every day}. Looking more clothing ideas? Check out some of Leann's favorite clothing spots: Matilda Jane, H&M, crewcuts, or etsy.com.
For the sanity of you and your child, you may want to limit your outfit changes to 2 or 3 for a full session.  Please no clothing changes at Mini Sessions.

How do I schedule my session?

Easy peasy! You can schedule your sessions by simply clicking on the Scheduling Tab of my website and choosing from my available dates. I will then email you the necessary Booking Emails. A 50% Deposit and Signed Booking Contract are required to set your date in stone.

Adequate daylight is crucial to the success of your session. Leann will contact you if conditions are not satisfactory {rainy, dark, too hot, too cold, too windy}. Your session will be re-scheduled at that time.  

What should I do to prepare for my session?

Once a session date is agreed upon a booking proposal and contract will be emailed to you. It will include a questionnaire for new clients to establish your preferences, desires and expectations. The contract must be signed and the deposit paid within 7 days. If the contract is not signed and deposit is not paid within 7 days, you will forfeit the agreed upon date.

If the session is happening at your home, make your beds, open your blinds, and make sure that you put away anything that you don't want to appear in your photos. Be ready by having your pre-selected clothing choices on. Full bellies and adequate sleep {if possible!} usually result in the best photos.

For a studio session, the full bellies and adequate sleep still apply. Leann has space for you to change clothes and diapers before and during your session. Arriving on time is greatly appreciated as I may have other sessions scheduled after you.

As a mom, I know how stressful it can be to get your family ready for photos, but try to relax and have fun with it. The more relaxed you are the more relaxed your kids will be. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and more importantly HAVE FUN!

Worried about how your kids will behave? Have a little chat with them before photos to set forth how you’d like them to behave. And then when you arrive for photos, I’ll take over from there! Please do not bring treats for during a session. This can cause messes on faces and clothing and honestly, no one wants pictures of a kid chewing and drooling :). This is where I get to work my magic - please lay back and let me try to get natural smiles from your kids. I’ll let you know if I need any help.

If you are doing a newborn session, I will email you a nice long list of things to do to prepare for your session!

What are Leann's suggestions for outdoor locations?

There are many beautiful and popular photo session sites in the Twin Cities Metro Area, but it is always fun to go to a location that has personal meaning for you and your family. Leann has taken photos at a great variety of locations, including the Mill City Museum and Guthrie area, the Walker Art Center, a field in the middle of nowhere, various local parks, Lake Harriet,  the list could go on and on. Please feel free to make special requests for locations like the apple orchard, a family farm, or the Minnesota State Fair.  I can also email you a list of my preferred locations and what time of day these locations are ideal for photos.

What will happen during my session?

For on-location shoots at your home, when Leann arrives, she will need a little bit of time and a quick tour of your home to determine the best places for photos.  For on-location shoots at an outdoor location, she will arrive early to scout the best areas if she has not photographed there before.  At her studio, you can be dressed and ready when you get there or you can get dressed upon arrival.

Some children might need a little bit of playtime with Leann to become more comfortable with her and the situation. That is completely normal and okay. Then she will be able to start taking photos. All children react differently to having their picture taken. Some children will benefit from the close support and encouragement of their parents, while other children may need some space and be comfortable with Leann's direction alone. The goal is to capture them being their own special selves {which may not be constant smiles}. And that is okay.

What happens after my session?

The remainder of your payment is due on or before day of your session. Then the bulk of Leann's work starts.  Photo editing includes basic color correction and enhancements. Leann does not do extensive touch-ups {meaning eliminating injuries, birth marks, blemishes, etc}. This CAN be done, but it is an additional fee.

Approximately three weeks after your session, Leann will email you a link to an online gallery of your images. Each image will be available in color and you may also choose to have them proofed in B&W for an additional fee. Your gallery of images will be active for 1 month and you can download all high resolution files directly to your computer.

Where do I get the best quality reprints?

It is best to go to a professional printing lab that specializes in high quality products. Leann highly recommends Fast Foto in Edina, mpix.com or you can place orders directly through the Online Gallery you receive.