Surprise! The Studio is Moving!

Hi all!  Wanted to share some big exciting news that my Studio will be MOVING!  I know this may come as a bit of a surprise, since it seems like I was just announcing that I was moving out of my home studio and in to the studio in NE Minneapolis! But here it is, take a look at some photos of Honeybee & Peony's NEW Studio home in Hopkins!


 So why the move? You're probably wondering the same thing in your head as many are "Why would you move from that awesome space?" or  "You spent so much time and energy renovating to make it your own?!".  I wasn't looking and it just kind of fell in my lap and I was smitten by a photo.

A little back story to help it make more sense... While out to dinner with some girlfriends, we were discussing my friend's home-based Rolfing business (side track, if you don't know what Rolfing is, it's a form of deep tissue bodywork and my friend Jen is AMAZING at it, you have to check her out :) She showed me a space that popped up for her on a random Craigslist search and it made her think of me.  I'm pretty sure I may have instantly yelped, drooled a bit and wondered where in the heck this adorable space cold possibly be in Hopkins.  In reality, my goal when I originally was looking for a studio space outside of my home was to find something in or close to Hopkins and nothing like this ever materialized for me when I was searching.

I was able to get in touch with the owner of the space (who also ends up to be a Hopkins based photographer!) and the rest is history.  I will start using the space part time on August 1st. It will become my primary studio space on Oct 1st when my lease is fully completed at the Minneapolis space.  (Those of you with sessions scheduled for the Minneapolis studio in August/September can plan on hearing from me soon to discuss your studio options for your session)


The new studio is located right off go Highway 7 and Hopkins Crossroad. With a Caribou and Starbucks mere steps away (does it get much better than that?!). There are bathrooms right next to the studio suite, a changing area, waiting area with a tv and sweet photo area with hardwood floors, light grey and dark grey walls and beautiful natural light! It is so much easier to access than my current space which is a huge plus.  Hooray!  I can't wait to photograph your families and little ones in this space!